The future of recruitment

Something big is coming

The future of recruitment

Looking for technology professionals, but tired of high placement fees, acquisition or advertising without results?

A game-changing recruitment platform

The Reqruut platform is backed by some of the greatest digital minds and is about to go live. Curious? We still have a few early access spots left!


Frequently asked questions

For recruiters

For employers

For recruiters

How much revenue will it provide?

As much as you want! You can use Reqruut as an extra tool to place more talent. You can also use Reqruut as your main business development tool to save more time and focus on talent sourcing. Either way, Reqruut will give you access to more business in less time.

How and when do I get paid?

We do the invoicing for you. Our customers receive the invoice on the first working day of the candidate. We pay your reward within 30 days if the candidate passes their probation and the customer has paid the invoice.

Don’t want to wait for the customer to pay? You’re also able to obtain your reward fee on the first day after the probation period. We’ll charge 10% of the reward free for financing the invoice, including credit management to our customers.

How do I know what the company is looking for?

Companies describe their needs as well as possible. We help them to provide many details about the role and their situation. You can use this information to make sure your candidate likes the vacancy and determine if it’s a good match.

Do I get in contact with the hiring manager?

Yes. However, we’ll only provide the contact details if the hiring manager is interested and wants to invite your candidate(s). It’s up to you and the hiring manager if you provide information and guidance through the process.

Note: we strongly recommend you to be part of the hiring process. This will increase the success rate for you and your candidate and adds to the overall customer experience. In the near future we’ll also add the possibility to rate each other.

Can I contact the hiring manager directly to ask questions?

Unfortunately, it’s not possible to contact hiring managers before they show their interest. We’ll do our best to give you as much information as possible about the role, the company and its culture, and the hiring process.

What is Reqruut?

Reqruut is a recruitment platform that enables companies to tap into the network of hundreds of tech recruiters, without the hassle or high prices.

Why? Because there are hundreds of specialized (freelance) recruiters and boutiques, each with a powerful but limited network. One powerful platform to easily receive and select candidates from the largest possible network.

Easy, efficient, affordable and extremely powerful.

Why should I use Reqruut?

You know the feeling that you’ve talked to talent but don’t have the perfect position? Or maybe you just don’t want to spend hours of time finding new business, negotiations or administration? That is unfortunate because the candidate might be of great value to some organization!

With Reqruut you can easily present your candidate to all the posted vacancies. Goodbye restrictions and time-consuming tasks. Hello more placement opportunities, more business, more revenue, less time!

Oh, don’t forget! Is doesn’t matter if you are an interim recruiter, independent, or boutique. With Reqruut we can all help businesses and candidates with their ambitions!

How does it work?

At first the companies will provide all necessary information by describing their needs as well as possible. Check if the candidate likes the role and easily make the match through the platform. You’ll get notified if the company wants to invite the candidate. In this case you and the hiring manager receive contact information to schedule in the candidate.

Did the candidate get the job and pass their probation? Congratulations, you made some people very happy. We will pay you the reward fee very soon.

Hoe weet ik wat een organisatie zoekt?

Bij het uploaden van een vacature dient de organisatie gedetailleerde informatie aan te leveren. Van afdeling tot cultuur en van verantwoordelijkheden tot tech-stack en arbeidsvoorwaarden. Wij proberen het plaatje zo compleet mogelijk voor je te maken.

Kan elke recruiter zich aanmelden?

Elke recruiter kan zich aanmelden echter hanteren wij een strenge selectie om de kwaliteit te waarborgen. Zo kijken wij onder andere of je een bewezen trackrecord hebt binnen het IT/Digital domein.

For employers

Why use Reqruut if I can hire ‘normal’ recruiters?

Great question! As you might know, managing recruiters takes a lot of time with intakes, acquisitions, and maintaining relationships. Thereby, every recruiter has their own (niche) network and is limited by their time and resources to find new talent for you. It will also likely come with high placement fees.

With Reqruut you can pretty much say goodbye to all the above. Our platform enables you to simultaneously receive and select candidates from a large network of experienced recruiters. So no hassle or high (hidden) costs!

How is Reqruut more affordable?

At Reqruut you can set your own fee that you wish to pay to a recruiter (if that person passes their probation period, of course). We advise to choose your fee wisely. Some positions are harder to fill than others, so we can imagine that you’d want to pay a higher fee for such a candidate. For more information or advice on setting a recruiter reward fee, you can always contact us. We will help you determine the right fee.

Example: Let's say the monthly salary of a candidate is €4.000,-, then the average agency price will be €12.960,-. If you choose to set a reward fee of €6.000 at Reqruut, then your hire will be 53.7% cheaper!

And don’t forget it takes less time and effort.

Why would recruiters accept lower prices?

A large group of the enlisted recruiters are specialized in freelancers or small boutiques. They have extensive experience and lower operating costs. The downside is that they are limited in their time, resources, and placement opportunities. With Reqruut they can place vacancies at any business. This enables them to focus on finding talent instead of new business and account management – which results in reduced costs and increased revenue opportunities for them.

What should I do if a recruiter contacts me first?

Recruiters that are subscribed to the Reqruut network are not supposed to contact you first. We tell every recruiter in the Reqruut network that they can do business and submit candidates through our platform.

If a recruiter happens to approach you before you show your interest in their candidate(s), please contact us right away. We will take further action and, if necessary, we’ll deny them future access to our platform.

What is Reqruut?

Reqruut is a recruitment platform that enables companies to tap into the network of hundreds of tech recruiters, without the hassle or high prices.

Why? Because there are hundreds of specialized (freelance) recruiters and boutiques, each with a powerful but limited network. One powerful platform to easily receive and select candidates from the largest possible network.

Easy, efficient, affordable and extremely powerful.

How does it work?

The online platform is simple. You start by describing your needs, followed by a reward fee you wish to pay after success. The specialized recruiters will be notified and can respond by uploading the candidate that fits your needs. You just select the candidate(s) you wish to invite for coffee. Made a hire? Congratulations! You will only have to pay the reward fee if the candidate passes the legal probation period.

Why is this so simple?

Recruitment is all about personal networks and contacting people. This can be intensive and inefficient. We made a large part of the process digital. This way you have access to almost every candidate without having to talk or negotiate with every recruiter.

The best part is that by optimizing the process for everyone, we can decrease costs and time spent on business. This leads to more friendly prices and more time to find the right people!

What about the quality?

Quality is very important to use so we took multiple measures. First of all we carefully select the recruiters who can have access to the platform.

Second, we provide an extensive checklist to describe your needs as well as possible. If needed, we help you fill-in the form. This way recruiters can determine if the candidate truly fits the profile.

Third, we have integrated a two-way rating system to judge each others quality. Recruiters who repeatedly provide bad quality can be banned from the platform.

Do I need to talk with every recruiter?

No, this is not obligated. If you wish to invite a specific candidate, the recruiter and you will receive each others contact details to schedule the candidate. It is up to you if you wish to do the process alone. However, we strongly advise you to work together with the recruiter. You both have the same interest and the recruiter already has valuable information about the candidate. It will most likely increase the chance of success.

How much does it cost?

Nothing! At least, if you sign up quickly. We now offer every enlisted recruiter free access to Reqruut as part of our bigger plan. You will receive 100% of the reward fee.

Future enlisted recruiters will pay a small percentage of the payout. In return, we take the billing process and credit management out of your hands. So be fast and subscribe!

General questions

Is Reqruut GDPR proof?

Yes, we are! Every company and recruiter that’s part of the Reqruut network is required to accept our service agreement and privacy policy, which states that they have to follow the GDPR rules.


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